Orban/Coding Technologies AAC/aacPlus Player Plugin

Orban/Coding Technologies AAC/aacPlus Player Plugin 1.1

It's capable of playing AAC/HE-AACv1/HE-AACv2/aacPlus/eAAC+ surround audio files
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Orban - A Nabro Able LLC Company

The Orban/Coding Technologies AAC/HE-AAC Plugin is a free, full-featured Microsoft® DirectShow™ software plug-in for Windows Media Player or any other DirectShow compliant media player compatible with Microsoft® Windows® 7/Vista/XP/2000.
It is capable of playing AAC/HE-AACv1/HE-AACv2/aacPlus/eAAC mono, stereo, and surround audio files and streams.
Real-time file and stream information such as stream name, description, artist, title, file media graphics, and iTMS information are displayed in the video window of the media player.

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